Rubbermaid Garage Organization Solutions combine a unique rail or wall mounted systems with modular storage units that can be customized and reconfigured to meet your customers’ specific needs. Begin with the FastTrack® Rail or FastTrack® Wall then simply select the cabinets and accessories to customize the space.


As the backbone of the FastTrack® Garage Organization System, FastTrack® rails can withstand anything you throw at them. The heavy steel construction provides extra durability, and each rail holds up to 1,750 lbs.

FastTrack® Wall is a hanging storage solution that works on both exposed studs as well as garage walls. No sheetrock, no problem! Save on sheetrock and install FastTrack Wall instead.

A wide range of accessories can easily attach to the rail or wall to create a customized garage storage system that can change as your storage needs change. Builder grade cabinets and worktops, mixed with FastTrack® Rail and FastTrack® Wall systems can provide an overall custom solution to any storage need.

FastTrack Rail Cabinets

Base Cabinet with Drawers

Base Cabinet

Base Cabinet with Doors

Tall Cabinet

FastTrack Rail Accesories

Ladder Hook

Hose Hook

Compact Hook

Cooler Hook

All Purpose Hook

S - Hook

3 Handle S Hook

Power Tool Holder

Birch Worktop

Utility Hook

Vertical Bike Rack

Wire Basket

FastTrack Wall Accessories

Magnetic Tool Holder

FT Uni Bench Blocks


Tool Rack